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I’m often told boys don’t like reading. But I don’t agree with that. I’ve found that boys love reading. It’s just that they can be mighty fussy about what to read.

When I was a kid my friends and I liked cars. Now that I’m a professional artist I visit infants and primary schools (5 to 12 year-olds) to talk about books and cartooning. And you know what I found? I learned that nothing’s changed. Boys still love cars.

Crazy Cars is my latest book and I’m crazy-proud of it. It’s a collection of cars without limits.

Full of very detailed cartoony drawings, this book has a car that exercises and feeds your dog, one that guarantees a parking spot (by wiping out the opposition!) and a whole bunch of other much-needed creations.

And the feedback I’m getting is amazing.

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There’s 6-year-old George who wants one of my ‘spider cars’ because they’re ‘the coolest’. Then there are the ones who really don’t hold back, like the boy whose mother described him as ‘shouting with laughter’ at the book. Or the brother and sister (older than George) in Adelaide who had a fight over the book in the back of their parents’ car (this website does not endorse siblings fighting in the back of their parents’ car but loves the fact that if they were fighting it was over my book). I’ve heard plenty of stories from parents saying their son was ‘engrossed’ or laughing while they read the book.

The feedback I’m getting at schools is also the best I’ve had for any book I’ve played a part in.

Here are some reviews at Amazon.

A Crazy Cars Party

I was delighted to get an email from Jennifer in Ontario, Canada. Her son, Alexander, is a big fan of the book.

Jennifer said, ‘We first borrowed this book at our local library in town here, and then I had to buy it onlineĀ as he didn’t want to return it.’

She went on to say that the book ‘really inspired his Lego and building as well’.

When it came time to celebrate his birthday, he asked for a Crazy Cars theme!

How to get a copy of Crazy Cars

If your favourite book shop in Australia, New Zealand, U.K or USA doesn’t already have copies on their shelves then they will be able to order a copy for you. You can also buy a copy online from your favourite online retailer.


Click here to buy a copy from Shearer’s bookshop

Click here to buy a copy from Dymocks


Click here to buy a copy from Amazon


For ages 5+
ISBN: 1921049197
Format: 275 x 210 mm, Paperback, 32 pages



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